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Paxterya is a close-knit and dedicated Minecraft community playing on a Survival server. What we most enjoy is the freedom Minecraft has to offer. You can do anything on Paxterya: start big projects with others, construct a town, or go far away to found your very own empire. Let's be creative together!


  • Minecraft 1.15.2 (Java Edition)
  • Vanilla Gameplay
  • Whitelist (Apply here!)
  • YouTube Channel (visit)
  • Current season since Dec 2019

Game tweaks

  • Dynmap
  • CoreProtect
  • One Player Sleep
  • No Phantoms
  • Coordinates HUD

How do I join?

    As Paxterya has a whitelist, every player has to apply before being able to join our server. That process is simple though! To join the Paxterya community, follow these simple steps:

  • Fill out our application form

    You wil be asked to authenticate with your Discord account. No worries, we don’t get access to your account. This is just to match our members with their Discord accounts.

  • Join our Discord server

    If you’re already on our Discord when your application gets accepted, you will be pinged by our bot. Else you’ll be notified via mail.

  • Wait for the answer

    If your application is successful, you will be whitelisted instantly. See you soon!

Paxterya Recap #8: The big Town influx

2020-05-05. Author: ExxPlore

Hello? Is this thing still working? *Blows dust away* R-E-C-A-P-8. Yes, indeed! The longer we're into the season, the rarer those recaps get. Not because there's nothing to report, but rather because there's too much to report.

An incomplete list

Trying to list all the changes since the last recap nearly two months ago is futile, but here's my best attempt: There are the new towns Turtle's Cove, HobbitVille and the Independent Southern Alliance (ISA), all deserving their very own blog post because they're looking amazing! Then there's the Paxteryan Railway which is still being worked on, now also being connected with a harbor to get to Paxendorf, and a railway to the new HobbitVille is on the way!

The Town of Paxterya (TOP) in the meanwhile still keeps growing, now even spreading over the boundaries of the town's territory! So my new base, once finished, will technically not be in the capital, but almost! This annexation of no man's land has proven that the rise of the Town of Paxterya is unstoppable. It is the town to go to! (Paid advertising, sponsor: TOP tourist office.)


We all love Hermitcraft. Most of us anyway. Some of us even so much they mimic their games! The game of demise has been running for weeks now, even with a Saturator™ for the demised in place. When all but one contestants finally died, remind me to announce the winner in the next blog post!
And there is (or was) another game of the Hermits: In the new mall section of the Nether hub, you find the Button™! Although it seems it has already died. Rest in peace, Button™.

Website development going big

The quarantine seems to have sparked some creativity in TxT and me, and so we've been making more progress on the website than usual. What's entirely new is the landing page which serves as an overview for people who don't know Paxterya yet. Paxterya.com is still far from finished though! Expect to see some performance optimizations and new and better features. And as always, your suggestions for changes are more than welcome!

Promote your town!

With the shameless ad for TOP in the first paragraph, it's only fair if other towns get to promote their town as well. So if you're in a town you feel could do with some publicity, contact ExxPlore on Discord with your advertising idea! It can be anything; a text, a poster, a video, a tale, … we'll be happy to show it off in a blog post and put it on your town page!