Hello World! This Is Paxterya Under Construction!

2019-11-19 Author: ExxPlore

Welcome on the brand new website of Paxterya, a soon-to-be Vanilla Minecraft server! Minecraft has been revived lately and we don't want to miss out on that. We, that is TxT and ExxPlore, are the admins of Paxterya. A while ago, we already hosted a Minecraft survival server which was tons of fun. But this time it's going to be even better! We present to you the basic concept of Paxterya:

Vanilla Survival

On Paxterya, you get the full Vanilla Minecraft experience. You start from scratch like in Singleplayer, but with the advantage of a welcoming community around you!

The Spawn Hub on Paxterya

Build a Town

Our goal is to build a medieval themed town around the spawn of the map. If you are not a fan of this building style or if you would rather live on your own, then you can also explore the world and set your own base up.

Be Independent

If you don't choose to build in the spawn area, you can go rural and build in whatever style you like outside of our town! Our world has no limits besides the sky! You could even create your own cities and communities or build huge farms.

Vanilla-ish Survival?

Well, when we say Vanilla we mean that your experience is just like in Vanilla singleplayer, with some modifications to make playing together smoother. This includes a plugin with which only half the players need to sleep, Dynmap, so you can view Paxterya's map wherever you go, and last but not least a plugin that helps us figuring out who burned your home down. If so.

Sounds good?

Did this quick overview make you feel like joining? Paxterya is going to launch on December 1st, 2019, but you can already join our Discord server and apply! See you soon!