Paxterya Beta 2 Now Up and Running!

2019-12-01 Author: ExxPlore

Today was the (semi)big day! We've made another milestone towards Paxterya's big launch: Paxterya Beta 2 was opened!
If all those Paxteryas and launches got you confused, here's a quick overview:

June 3rd, 2017

An SMP launched. Historians refer to it as "The Original Paxterya". After its downfall, there was a long period of nothingness. Until it was agreed upon to revive this glorious name.

September 23rd, 2019

Paxterya Beta launched. Just an ordinary SMP where members needed to apply in a Discord channel. Oldschool! Died out after a few months, the players not knowing what to build next. Classic Minecraft problem we try to approach with Paxterya's ongoing development!

December 1st, 2019

Paxterya Beta 2 launched. New world, new motivation, new ideas, and also: new website! The applications are no longer done in public forums, but via our application form! Your chance to join the community and lay the foundation for the future!

What's next?

At some point in the future, Paxterya will be sophisticated enough for us to remove the Beta from its name. Until then, let's build another unique world in our favorite game of all!