Paxterya Recap #6: The Paxteryan Renaissance

2020-02-16 Author: ExxPlore

Although the current season of Paxterya has been running for over two months now, it has experienced a new wave of motivation recently.

May I introduce to you: The Veterans

That motivation comes from a number of veterans (and non-veterans too) who (re)joined Paxterya. Veterans are those who were a member of the Ancient Paxterya back in 2017 and now rejoined our community. We're very happy to have the following veterans back on board: TheTelescreen, Setherz, Jmoose, Obisann, Blaubeerbaer and StarvingWolf!

Paxterya on 1.15.2

We've recently updated to version 1.15.2, but the thing everyone is actually waiting for is the release of the new Optifine version. We all can't wait to have Optifine, and especially shaders that will make our world look much more awesome, back! After two months of Optifine abstinence, we've learnt our lesson and from now on, we'll only update to newer Minecraft versions once Optifine is released. Let's face it: beautiful shaders and more FPS are more important than lava-floating Netherite items.

The small box next to the big box

3, 2, 1... Launch!

The Industrial District has a new box right next to the old box! The new box is a bit smaller than the old box, but a box is a box, right? It produces both gunpowder and sugarcane and thus our Elytra's fuel! For better orientation, we also added some pixel art to the buildings so that it's clear what's produced where. Sweet times being a citizen of the Town of Paxterya and being able to use these farms for free!

The YouTube Biz

Remember the YouTube channel we announced in the last Paxterya Recap? It is now active and there are already five videos. On the channel, we've already finished the forgotten tower in the Town of Paxterya, we've built an Infinity Room, we played Build Battle, and what's especially entertaining is the Hide and Seek video with a dozen of Paxteryans; check it out! We're looking forward to making more funny videos with the community in the future!