Underground Building Competition

2020-02-22 Author: ExxPlore

As many of you know, TxT has quite the passion for caves in this season of Paxterya. In a first step, he dug out a big cave under the Town of Paxterya and filled it with houses, in a second step he dug out an even bigger cave. All that's left to do is filling it with beautiful buildings, which we will do in the context of our first building contest. Here's how it will go:

Let's fill this mysterious cave!
  • There are 7 plots in the Underground, each 11x13 blocks big. They are outlined with dirt. To reserve one of those plots and participate in the contest, message an admin on Discord and then head to the Underground in-game to put your name on an available plot.
  • As there is a prize pool for the winners, each participant is asked to contribute 2 diamonds (or more). If they can't afford it because they're new, they might find a donor on Discord! Also, all members who don't participate are welcome to donate diamonds to the prize pool as well. The diamonds can be delivered to the Town Hall, there's a chest you can't miss!
  • Between the different plots, big dirt walls have been put in place so that the contestants can't see other people's buildings before the voting phase. If they want to keep up the surprise, that is.
  • The building phase of the contest starts on Monday, 24th of February 2020 at 12 AM GMT+1 and ends on Monday, 2nd of March 2020 at 4 PM GMT+1. After the end of the building phase, screenshots will be taken of every contest building, so that all members can vote on them. Of course you'll can look at the buildings in-game, too.
  • The voting phase starts after the end of the building phase and ends three days later, on Thursday, 5th of March 2020 at 4 PM GMT+1. All Paxteryans will be asked to rate each building with 1-5 stars.
  • Then, the winners will be declared on Discord and in a blog post! 1st place get's 80% of the prize pool, 2nd and 3rd place get 10% each! Also, the top 3 will get to choose a player head of their choice, be it of a Paxteryan or a decorative one!


  • Message an admin to participate, reserve your plot in-game
  • Pay 2+ diamonds in the Town Hall (Building Contest chest)
  • Finish your building until March 2, 4 PM GMT+1
  • Rate the buildings with 1-5 stars until March 5, 4 PM GMT+1

Enough explanations, now let's get building and may the best builders win!