Paxterya Recap #7: Progress Report

2020-03-15 Author: ExxPlore

It's been a while since the last Paxterya Recap and even apart from the Underground Building Contest we posted about, lots and lots has happened on the server!

The Colosseum in the Town of Paxterya
The glass dome in Cookieville

New features on the website

Let's start with the changes on our website: under "Our World", there's now a page for each town to be showcased! Their main purpose is to give new Paxteryans an impression of all towns without having to travel thousands of blocks. This will facilitate their decision if and which town they want to join!
Then there's another feature that only whitelisted members have access to: all Paxteryans can now log into the member section (footer > login) and use the new bulletin board to organize trading!

Railway revamped

Remember the railway bridge from one of the first blog posts? Well, the Paxteryan Railway has grown big time, now connecting three towns: The Town of Paxterya, Penliam and Cookieville! It's not the fastest way of transport, it taking 6 minutes to get from the capital to Cookieville, but a very relaxing one.

2 new boxes in the Industrial District

Another large-scale project has expanded big time as well: The Industrial District now counts four boxes! The Iron Factory, Rocket Factory, Tree Farm and Supersmelter! Now it really is a district. This also means we now can get tons of resources to build huge monuments!

Massive builds

Speaking of huge monuments: two of them have been finished! The glass dome in Cookieville and the Colosseum in the Town of Paxterya now reached their full beauty!
And then there's been lots of smaller additions to the Town of Paxterya: the steampunk house, the wheat field, the barn, the graveyard and the Regal District and the Pleb District! At this point, more amazing things have been built than we can showcase in a single blog post; you'll have to check it out for yourself!