Voting for moderators - Have your say!

2020-04-20 Author: ExxPlore

Two days ago, we announced we were searching for moderators. We'd like to thank all the six applicants for their commitment to keep Paxterya peaceful!

How do we go on from here?

All Paxteryans can now read the six candidates' applications, further down in this post. There's a strawpoll link for each candidate where you can vote if you'd like to see them become a moderator or not. The final decision will be made by the admins, based on the voting results. The voting phase lasts 24 hours from now on. Tomorrow, we will then announce the new moderators in another blog post! Happy voting, here are the candidates' applications:


I have at least 4-5 years of experience running/moderating a Minecraft community, as well as backend work doing mods like worldedit/ rollback, world mgmt. and just general command work/custom scripting (a bit but not too much scripting)

I think a moderator should be kind and neutral but firm and remain levelheaded at all times... being just but fair and hearing people out yet able to discern right from wrong and act accordingly. And also it’s a moderators job to Watch chat carefully at all times and be active and chat (including wanting to help players). but be kind and if anything happens mildly bad in chat, tell people to calm down and try to even out the situation. But also it’s a moderators job to report any foul things going on that they have no power to fix, to you or exxplore ASAP so that you guys can fix/correct the problem. Also I think it’s a main moderators job to be friendly and welcoming and helpful to all on the server no matter what and to hold no grudges even if another player hates you.

I am in the Pacific Time zone on the west coast of the USA and I’m reachable at all times no matter what , 24/7/365 (which means that I am even on *sometimes when the Europeans are asleep)

Anything else I want to say? well hmm... I think that you guys are awesome and doing a great job of running the server. I really like this server so far and I hope that I am able to fill the position of moderator for you because I promise you that if I do get to help you, I promise I won’t let you down. My main goal is to prove to you guys into the community that I am honest and trustworthy and can be kind and fair and I do want to help— both ways still if I’m am allowed to help as a moderator— But even if Not, so that perhaps one day I might be able to. I hope this makes sense. Regardless I like it here and I plan on staying for a while— as long as I’m allowed to

I almost forgot to say just one last thing... sorry. I’m glad you like the application and I hope that it’s OK and acceptable, to your favour/liking and that I meet Almost all, if not all, of the qualifications.

sorry for the application being so long. Though the one thing that I wanted to say in closing—- I definitely agree that a moderators position should be also with reporting stuff to you guys (within my capacity), giving verbal warnings in chat where needed sometimes, timeouts if needed, and also bans but only if absolutely necessary for Repeat offenders who have already been warned or given time outs or been kicked. But never abusing the power— ever— because doing that would be a complete betrayal of trust and compromise of position On the server as a moderator and within the community, not just to you and exxplore but to everybody else. Not to mention that would show that if one were abusing Power as a moderator that they do not know how to do their job correctly or efficiently and should be removed from said position effective immediately after, as well as giving a verbal warning (if not being banned). though that fate would then be up to the server admins.

Also it’s a moderators job to be in cohesiveness and oneness not just with the community but with the fellow moderators and admins, Transparent in everything... but communicating often and openly with one another. So that if the situation comes up the story can be corroborated.

Say for example — a player is starting arguments and chat and the argument gets handled by an moderator or admin if another one is present (or even a player) then they can back up that others person’s story, Whether it be of the player or the witnessing/handling moderator.... Though it would probably normally be between moderators/admins because if left to a player could get kind of confusing. If this makes sense?

anyway that’s pretty much all I had to say is that I agree about being able to do what needs to be done I want to situation by situation basis as necessary. That’s all I guess. Sorry for my rambling


• Do you have previous experience running/moderating a Minecraft or other community? Either way: How do you think a moderator should behave?

I have experience with core protect, although I have never moderated before. I tend to think that a moderator should be an “advisor” of sorts. Everyone plays this game differently, and an advisor’s job should be to facilitate players reaching their goal and working as an intermediary should there be a conflict and attempt to find creative solutions. With respect to how the actual moderator should behave, effectively like every other player (/tp only in emergency, no use of the /give command, etc.). The best servers I have been on, it took a few weeks to figure out who is a mod indicating that personal relationships were emphasized over “titles”.

• How reachable are you on Discord and when (time zone)? (Note: We know you have a life too, you're not expected to be reachable at all times.)

Most days, 4pm-9pm Eastern Time in the USA. We are 8 hours ahead of GMT.

• Anything else you'd like to say

At 39, I think I am twice the age of the mean players on the server. I am primarily a builder and we’re trying to start a new town to the south… but I do a bit of redstone and love mob transport (villagers are a little boring. Blaze, elder guardians, guardians… those are fun). Also a fan of hermitcraft. BDubs is my favorite builder of houses, Scar for terraforming and Tango just for his hijinks.


-Do you have previous experience running/moderating a Minecraft or other community?

Yes, I ran three iterations of the CookieCraft server. I wasn't great at actual Server Management, but I was ok at being a moderator.

-How do you think a moderator should behave? I think a mod's behavior should be a refection of the rules.

-How reachable are you on Discord and when (time zone)?

I am in UTC-4, and I am usually available from 10am-1am (with a few exceptions). -I don't want to sound like a complete dick, but I really feel like I should get this. When the griefing attack started, I was able to get on pretty much as soon as I got the discord message. Also, this is something that that we should have had since the beginning. There are so many instances where where you guys were offline and a moderator was needed.


co-owned a small server with my friends last summer, i've also been mod to some discord servers over the years.

i don't have much quantitative experience compared to others (others probably have much more servers they've managed) but i'm always very active on discord and quick to respond (after around midnight cet i'll go offline till around 7-8am) and even though I have school, i often do quick discord checks between classes. also, i may not have managed many servers but i'm always one to try to make the best out of a messy situation. a mod should behave as a role model, though they shouldn't be too serious either. they should make sure to stop any rowdy, unfriendly behavior that goes against the rules by giving them a warning. if the action done is serious, or they ignore the warning, you should ban them.

if you have some sort of bias in a situation/you don't know what to do/you're neither calm nor thinking rationally/the offence committed is huge, you directly notify the admin team. for anything you can manage on your own, you take your own actions, but still inform the admins thereafter. if the issue can be handled easily but you can't take a decision and you don't want to bother the admins, contact another mod for help

tl;dr make sure you're making the server a better place but dont abuse your power. stay calm and think things thru, but be an all around nice guy


I am applying to be a moderator. I have not been one before, but I believe a mod should be the one to settle disputes, and uphold the rules around the server. They should be strict, but still able to have fun and not ruin everything for everyone else. They're just there to watch over the server and make sure no bad things happen, but they don't get directly involved in every little thing. Also I'm in Central Daylight time, so that might be a bad thing since most people are in Europe.


I do have previous experience as a mod on small servers, I know how to settle disputes and handle rowdy players, because at the end of the day we're all just relaxing playing a block game. I am very reachable on Discord, being in the EST timezone. Another thing, I would like to become a mod to bring peace to Paxterya. All too often the chat is being spammed with petty arguments and insults and I would like to reduce some of that by becoming a mod.