Introducing: Paxterya Moderators

2020-04-21 Author: ExxPlore

The moderator voting phase is over! We'd like to thank all six applicants for their interest to invest time into keeping Paxterya an enjoyable experience! Also thanks to all the Paxteryans who took their time reading the candidates' applications and sharing their opinion.
Now I'm happy to announce that the Paxterya staff team now counts five people! TxT and I agreed to realize the voting results as they are, meaning that the new moderators are TestyMonkey, MrSprouse and swabfu. Congratulations to you three!

What happens now?

The moderators will get special permissions both in-game and on the Discord server to be able to act on urgent matters. Apart from that, they will be recognizable by a Discord role and a Minecraft prefix, so especially new members know who to go to if they have any questions or concerns. If an event like the attacks of April 19th (that's its dramatic name now!) happens again, we should now be able to resolve the situation faster!
To the applicants who unfortunately didn't become a moderator: We hope to see you on board if we ever need to further expand the Paxterya team! With that, thanks again to the applicants and the voters, and see you in-game!