Paxterya Recap #1: A Beautiful Start

2019-12-07 Author: ExxPlore

Paxterya Beta 2 has been online for one week now and lots of cool things happened. In the Paxterya Recap series, we want to regularly give you some insight into what is happening on the server. So let's get into it!

The center of the Town of Paxterya

After the slight surprise at the beginning that the spawn is in a snow biome, the first few settlers started to like the idea of a cozy wooden hut in a wintry environment, now that Christmas is nearing. So they founded a town in the midst of the crisp-cold area.

The Town center from South

The Town of Paxterya

The first town, at the center of the world, is currently run by its mayor TxT. He promised elections though, so if you want to have a say, become a town citizen by simply building a (medieval-themed) house there! We're happy to see that a handful of people already moved to our prospering town and contributed neat houses! If you're not yet living in the Town of Paxterya, we suggest you do it soon as long as there are good spots left!

Your own Town

In case you don't like the medieval theme, why not found your very own town with its own theme? As soon as you have three houses from three different people in an area, the Town of Paxterya will recognize your status and be looking forward to building a diplomatic relation!