Season 4 Details

2020-07-16 Author: TxT

In this blog post I will be writing about all the information you need to know for the new Season!
But first let's talk about tomorrows anarchy day!


Almost everything thats needs to be said got already said in the bulletin in our bulletin board (More on that further down).
There are just two things that people seemed to be confused about: No hacks are allowed, also no one (not even mods and admins) will get OP rights during the event.
I will shut the server down three hours before the start, thats at 3pm CEST, so I can take a working world download before the event starts at 6pm CEST.
Also, do not grief, steal or do anything else thats against the rules before the anarchy starts!

Survival details

Okay, now lets talk about the truly interesting stuff: Season 4! I already overloaded you with infos two blog posts ago and asked for your opinions. Not much has changed, but I am going to recap everything in this post and make it a bit more pleasantly organized.

First up: island in the north-east is reserved for the Town of Paxterya. You are allowed to build a house, but it would be nice if you consult with TxT before permanently settling there.


  • All transportation in the nether is supposed to happen on the nether roof

The End:

  • It is forbidden to enter the end before the first dragon fight event, which will be announced by the admins
  • The end island is to be kept free of buildings, so the dragon can be fought at any time
  • Dont build outside of 2000 blocks away from 0/0
  • The extended end (everything outside of 2000 blocks from 0/0) will be reset once a month

Shopping district:

  • The location of the shopping district will be announced once the season started
  • Each plot is 16x16 blocks large
  • A plot can be purchased for 1 diamond block
  • All the proceeds of selling plots go towards a pile of diamonds blogs in the center of the shopping district

Public farms: Only the following types of farms are allowed to be public:

  • XP farms of any kind
  • Villager trading halls
  • Iron farms
  • (Cobble)stone farms
  • Wool farms
  • Manual mostly decorative farms (like the public field in TOP)
  • Gravity duper

If you want to build one of these kinds of farms for public use, then you need to consult with a mod or admin beforehand.

You dont need to make your farm public, just because its on this list, although you should consider if you need to build one yourself. Consider the server performance.

Farms not on the list must be run privately. That means that access to the farm, as well as its items cannot be given away for free for all (or a big portion of) players. You are also not allowed to massively undercut prices of competitors (like selling 1 stack of gunpowder for 1 Dirt)

For more information on this topic, please read the the blog post "Season 4 plans & your opinions" further down.

Towns: To start your own town:

  • Gather at least 4 more people
  • Search a spot that is not too close to other bases/towns (consult dynmap)
  • DM an admin


  • To gain Citizenship in a town contact the mayor, who will need to contact a mod
  • You can only be a citizen of two towns at once
  • To leave a town, contact a mod

Ghost towns:

  • A town turns into a ghost town when the mayor is inactive
  • All citizens loose citizenship of the town
  • It remains visible on dynmap
  • No one is allowed to build anymore


  • Our own PaxteryaPlugin for /afk, /dm, /gdm and prefixes+permissions
  • Coreprotect
  • Dynmap
  • DiscordSRV (#survival-in-game-chat)
  • Worldborder (20kx20k at first, expanding over time)


  • Singleplayer sleep
  • Silence mobs
  • Durability ping
  • Custom armorstands
  • Coordinate HUD

Phantoms will be enabled, but this might change in the future. We will probably hold another poll in a few months

Creative server

The creative server ( is now also up and running for a while and now uses the same plugins as the survival server as well as worldedit.
You also get some more commands to use like /gamemode, /time, /effect and /tp
Please be responsible, dont build too close to others (the map is invinite) and try not to lag the server too much.

Bulletin board

I also want to use this opportunity to tell you about the bulletin board. You can access it by clicking the login button on our website. Then you need to authenticate with the same Discord account you use on the server.
Once logged in, you can see all bulletins and create new ones.
Please mark your shops on the bulletin board, so everyone can find what they need quickly.