Halloween Building Competition

2020-10-11 Author: TxT

It's getting cold and dark again in the northern hemisphere as autumn is getting started. I bet you all know what that means: Halloween is right around the corner!

To celebrate this yearly festivity, we decided to host a Halloween/Spooktober themed build contest.

The event will start on the 17th of october and last for 2 weeks till the 31st.

All you need to do to participate is to pick a plot (located at 5400/8500, nether portal at 670/1070) and mark it as yours with a sign.

Plots are 25*25 in size, you are allowed to use the entire build height.

There is no upper limit in participants, we will just add more plots as necessary

You also have to pay a participation fee of at least one diamond block (more is always welcome!). The chest is right at the bridge (coords: 5435/8515). All fees go towards the price pot.

Once the time is up the community will vote on which build is the best. The price pot will then be distributed amongst the top rated builders.

I hope this covers all important details, if not ask the staff team on discord for clarification.

Happy building!