Season 5 Preparation: Choose Your District!

2021-06-22 Author: ExxPlore

Welcome back to another Season 5 Preparation blog post! The launch of Season 5 is now just a few weeks away, and the upcoming map is pretty much planned out! The five Districts have been allocated their territories, and the ideas start sprawling!

To help you choose your future (main) home, the current District Leader candidates have described their plans.

The Five Districts

Hidden deep inside a forest, surrounded by a wall, our District is keen on keeping its citizens safe. Outside, danger lurks. Monsters everywhere, misled outlaws, deceiving Districts. Inside, a vibrant community is flourishing. Homes in a calming, rustic style, houses wall to wall, narrow streets and busy marketplaces, our District promises safety and comfort. While our lifestyle is modest, we do however not renounce on the advantages of modern technology, we too see the benefits of redstone farms, and we too see the importance of monumental builds to keep our minds busy and our hearts at peace.

An entire nation terraformed to complete absurdity. Within it, towns led by independent communities. The nation is irradiated by the magic of an ancient gigantic dragon that died on the land, its skeleton still standing as a gargantuan monument. Through the decades, the land has fused with the bones of the ancient beast, thoroughly connecting itself to the magical source of the dragon: a gigantic heart. To this day, it is still alive inside of the monolithic ribcage that spans across the entire continent. sometimes, when the wind is right, you can still hear it beating.

Finally entering the 17th century, the Steampunk District has just started growing to power due to the Industrial Revolution. The creation of new and crazy machines and the discovery of physics that no one could have imagined has caused builders, redstone technicians and people looking for a new life to come together in this new land of possibilities. A land filled with wonders and revelations around every corner. The Steampunk District is excited to introduce all these new people to a land of towering, physics-defying buildings filled with crazy machines making everyday life a new adventure… Welcome to Aggregate!

Welcome to the future. It’s not what you expected. The Cyberpunk district is a densely packed, barren cityscape using exclusively gray tones and neon pink and blue lights. The premise of Cyberpunk is a lawless society that is dominated by technology and computers. It is what society would be if we had to pack as many people as we could into cities and they were entirely run not by humans, but by the decisions of Artificial Intelligence. All greenery? Gone. All laws? Gone. Crime, violence, pollution? You bet. Citizens of Dysterya will have the challenge of adding to a growing city and densely packing it with buildings to make it the most inspiring city-type district on the server while remaining challenged to also keep within the difficult theme of Cyberpunk. Come build the future.

This place is to admire the fish, while you sit back in your glass dome house (or whatever you want to build) and relax. We are here to have fun not just on land but also in the water. Our goal as a community is to bring the town of Paxlantis out of the water and show the beauty of an underwater city. We are welcoming to anyone who would like to be a part of our community.

The District Leaders

Normally we would have voted for the District Leaders. But as there are no competing candidates, there is no reason to. So, the District Leaders in Season 5 shall be:

  • Medieval District: ExxPlore
  • Fantasy District: _maaay_
  • Steampunk District: Raderth & Billybones62
  • Cyberpunk District: Lucky74 & Pepi07
  • Underwater District: _Nebou_

Join your District

Now that you know all the Districts, it is time to choose! Go to #bot-spam to assign yourself one or more District role(s). Note: The first District you join will be documented as your home District. You can still build in other Districts, but your starter base should be in your home District.

To join a District, use one of these commands:

  • /role add medieval
  • /role add fantasy
  • /role add steampunk
  • /role add cyberpunk
  • /role add underwater

This will grant you access to the corresponding District's Discord channel. Happy planning!