Paxterya Recap #2: Feeling At Home In 1.15

2019-12-19 Author: ExxPlore

Another week has passed in the lands of Paxterya and lots of cool new things are to be discovered! Not only have we updated to Minecraft version 1.15, but many beautiful buildings have been added to the world as well!

The Town of Paxterya: A new Mayor!

The paxteryan Town Hall

The people had a choice: The old mayor TxT held its promise by organising a mayor election. TxT himself however did not candidate. But jadesheep and Veikmaster did! And the winner was… both of them! The candidates not being very competitive and the citizens approving, it just so happened that the Town of Paxterya now has a government of two people! We're looking forward to seeing the town prosper under our new leaders.
Their task will be to organize the town: new citizen must be registered, people ought to pay taxes to finance public infrastructure, and finally the aesthetics of the town must be managed, too. Lots of important tasks we shall be grateful for for being in competent hands!

The first member-founded town: Penliam

Not only have there been major developments in the Town of Paxterya, as there now is another town in our world! Penliam, with its mayor ChryoFyre, is located a kilometer south-west of the Town of Paxterya and thus outside the snowy tundra. As every town gets an area on the map that they exclusively control, Penliam can easily be found on our Dynmap, too. It seems to be medieval-themed as well and it's definitely worth a visit! The Town of Paxterya wishes Penliam good progress and hopes to build trustful trade relations one day!

The demise of the Ender Dragon

In a swift and effective order-to-kill mission which lasted no longer than 10 minutes, an ensemble of blood-thirsty warriors took on the fight with the Ender Dragon. The latter stood no chance and was crushed before he even fully realized what was going on.
The End is now conquered, but our journey has only just begun!