The grand Paxterya Survey Spring 2022: The results!

2022-03-20 Author: TxT

We just ran a poll for the first time in our almost 5 year history! We mainly wanted to know a couple of things to plan the next season. Today we are just looking at the results, actual actions, details and dates will follow soon and will be posted on our Discord server.

The most important questions comes first:

Now this is an almost perfect split between players wanting to start a new season NOW and as soon as 1.19 releases. Seeing that there aren't really any active players in the current season it's probably best to start a new Season as soon as we can and then have a poll on what we should do once 1.19 drops sometime later this year.

The second question was "What can staff do to increase your motivation to play?" and the answers we got where plenty! The answer we probably got most is that more community events would help with motivation. I also feel like we have been lacking there a bit. If you any ideas about cool events, then please let us know on Discord!

Question number three was about the terrain generation.

Well, seems like we should go back to vanilla generation, with only 16.7% of players wanting custom terralith terrain again. While it does look amazing, it certainly makes playing a bit more difficult, I think.

In question four, we wanted to know your preferences for world size.

In the current season we have a fairly large map at 60km * 60km and while around a fifth of players seem to like a huge map we have over half of players wishing for 30km * 30km or smaller. Well technically also almost 3/4 of players want 30km * 30km or more. I think we will probably settle at exactly that size as 1/3 seem to prefer it and because going larger really gets insane on the data storage needs. Keep in mind that we also have to back all that stuff up! (Our current world size is ~200GB)

Question five and six where about towns.

In summary, its seems like the vast majority of players are pretty happy with our current town system. However some people mentioned that towns can create quite a bit of drama, which has certainly been true this season. It was also suggested that towns should be more about building style and less about an area controlled by a single mayor.

In question seven we just wanted to gather sentiment about the shopping district.

Well, 2/3 of players seem to want one again with 1/5 not really caring. One way to improve the shopping district experience is probably to have less regulation again, but we will need to discuss the details over in our Discord server.

One way to change up the playing experience would have been some good old lore. This was covered in questions eight and nine:

Well, most players seem to either not care or be straight up against it. I think a lore that everyone follows only works if most players actually want it. A few ideas for lore have been submitted, but to be honest none have been really exciting to me. In conclusion as one answer puts it: "no".

In question ten we wanted to know if there any other games we should play together. Most games got only mentioned once, with the two exceptions being GTA 5 and Factorio. I would certainly love to play some Factorio again soon ;) There also was the mention of Among us...

We used to have a regular game night, but that has kinda died down since season 6 started. In question eleven we wanted to know if it should return.

To make it short: YES! Im not sure when we are going to host the first game night again, but it surely won't take long :)

In question twelve we wanted to know if you have any ideas for new features for our website and Discord bot. Most people seem to be pretty happy with it, although there have been two mentions of adding music listening capabilities (RIP Groovy & Rythm). Well maybe that's something I will get to one day.

Last, but not least, there was question thirteen. In there we wanted to know about anything else we can do to improve Paxterya. There has been lots of valuable feedback we will try to implement!

Well that's already it. Thanks to all the 42 participants! We will now try to draft the plans for season 7, so keep your eyes peeled for any announcements on our Discord server!