Paxterya's Minecraft Server Will Close on Sep 23. Here's Why.

2022-07-23 Author: ExxPlore

As you might have noticed, something has changed over the past months and seasons. Many of us don't play as much Minecraft as before anymore. Many of us don't at all. Many of us have gone on to do different things, set different priorities in life.

For many of us, the spark of Minecraft is gone - for the moment. That's why TxT and I have made the difficult decision to close down the Minecraft server. Not now, not instantly - but on September 23rd of this year. That is exactly 3 years after the last launch of the Paxterya project.

The History of Paxterya

On September 23, 2019, we started Paxterya Beta, now called Season 2, for simplicity's sake. The past 3 years have been great (except the whole world crises stuff - strictly speaking about Minecraft here).

In Season 2, we were so few Paxteryans. Among the rare members before the third Season in December 2019 were Veik, Sprouse and Aki. All of which are on the staff team today and have put so much time and passion into the maintenance of this community. Thanks to you and the other staff May, Lola, MrCarMan, swab, shrum and Flamme, this whole undertaking was even possible. TxT and I wouldn't have managed to keep Paxterya a friendly place without you.

Have you noticed I just spoke about Season 2 being the start in 2019? What about Season 1? That one started on June 4, 2017 and was shut down a few months later. It took a full two years before TxT and I sat in the school cafeteria making plans for a Minecraft server again. So you never know what might happen, like it always is in life.

An Outlook on the Future

The truth is, for most of you, this announcement won’t change a lot. If you don’t currently play Minecraft, Paxterya will stay exactly the way it is now for you. We absolutely will keep our Discord server around till the end of time. Because this community that has originally grown around Minecraft is still thriving – just discussing other topics. When our Minecraft server shuts down, you might see some new arrangements of the channels, but the people will still be the same. Let's stay in touch and meet for game nights occasionally!

For those of you who are still very much playing Minecraft and enjoying every second of it: We’re sorry to leave you hanging like this. But we’re sure you will find another server that’s more active, more motivated, and more fun to play on. You do deserve a blocky environment where everyone involved is passionately playing Minecraft, including the owners. We’d however be delighted if you sticked around to still be part of this non-Minecraft-playing community!

If you’ll be playing Minecraft on another server – or even if you’re going to make your own – we encourage you to share where you’re going in #smp-radar. You don’t have to do this, but it would be an easy way for you to form groups and still play together on other servers. You can advertise other SMPs in that channel and discuss your experiences there. Just please keep it personal and don't spam ad messages there.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to each and every one of you to have been part of this Minecraft journey. We have made amazing memories with all of you, forever conserved on our YouTube channel.

Don't be sad because it's over. Be happy because it happened!