Paxterya Recap #4: New Year's Resolutions!

2020-01-11 Author: ExxPlore

The new year has just begun (well, two weeks ago) and it will bring big changes to Paxterya! Without being a fortune teller, I think it's safe to say that at some point in 2020, there'll be a newer and bigger Paxterya! But for now, we're far from finished on our current map.

The beginnings of Cookie Town

Projects, projects, projects

To prove this point, have a look at our project list on Trello! It is continuously updated, so we'll be happy to include your build ideas! And keep in mind that this is only the project list of the Town of Paxterya, so who knows what other towns might be planning?

Cookie Town

Speaking of towns: There's a new one! Thanks to the delicious Cookie Town with its mayor MrSprouse, there are now three beautiful towns in the lands of Paxterya for new members to choose from! If you're new and want to join a town, just message the Town's mayor!

The Underground

Underground activities

What meets the eye is not all there is. This principle also applies to the Town of Paxterya, where you now can discover buildings in the Underground, too. Its location is highly classified (it's under TxT's house), so nobody really knows where it is, but if you knew where it was, it would definitely be worth a visit! At the time writing this, there's even a free plot left, so if you're a prepper, you should lose no time buying a plot in the safety of the Underground!

A looong bridge

The longest bridge yet

We started 2020 off with connecting humans. Isn't that beautiful? Many busy bees from the Town of Paxterya and Penliam helped out build a stunning railway bridge of nearly one kilometer in just a couple days! The result looks nice and will look awesome once Optifine 1.15 is out and we can look at it with shaders!
As a side note, another key infrastructure component has been added to the Town of Paxterya: A harbor, right next to the railway bridge! Our town is now officially ready for international guests and big business.