Paxterya Recap #5: Serious Roleplay!

2020-01-27 Author: ExxPlore

The Government of Paxterya

TxT has come up with the idea of creating a new, intercommunal, institution; the Government of Paxterya! Now this is more like the United Nations than a national government, as it consists of the admins and all mayors of the paxteryan towns; Veikmaster and jadesheep from the Town of Paxterya, ChryoFyre from Penliam, MrSprouse from Cookie Town and swabfu from the newly founded Paxterdam! The purpose of this committee is to better connect the different towns: reliable infrastructure, trade and diplomatic relations! For the latter, an embassy will be built in each town, as well as a headquarters of the Government of Paxterya on neutral grounds!

The enormous Iron Factory

The Industrial District

There's a new player in town. In the Town of Paxterya that is. The Industrial District is now a very substantial part of the town, not only due to its size, but also due to its economic importance! The Iron Factory, built by Escanor and decorated by many Paxteryans, produces unimaginable amounts of iron, available for free for all citizens of the Town of Paxterya! Paxteryans gave the enormous building, presumably the biggest one yet on the server, the lovely nickname "The Box". And then there is the Quarry, dug out by TxT, which is where all of your stone needs are now met! At the very bottom of it, there are prepared mineshafts for productive mining sessions!

Paxterya on YouTube!

Paxterya broadcasts itself!

Soon, Paxterya will be represented on another website you might have heard of! We're going to revive the old Paxterya YouTube channel which we used back in 2017, this time with more entertaining videos however! We're planning to do a Cinematic Competition between TxT and myself (ExxPlore), more details on that will be announced in a separate blog post! For now, feel free to head over to our freshly designed YouTube channel. We've got some fun ideas in mind and can't wait to show them to you!