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To ensure that everyone has a good time on Paxterya, there are some simple rules to follow on our server. All members of Paxterya are obliged to follow these guidelines, a violation might result in an exclusion from Paxterya.

Community Rules

  • Do not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated. Any kind of insult or discrimination is unwished.
  • Spamming is unwished.
  • Do not send links to websites with malicious or pornographic content.

In-game Rules

  • It is forbidden to attack, harm or kill other players against their will.
  • It is forbidden to alter or destroy another player's building(s) against their will. When in doubt if a deserted, unprotected site is still in use, ask a moderator or administrator before destroying it.
  • It is forbidden to steal items from chests. This counts for chests on mob farms etc, too; ask the farm's owner first.
  • It is forbidden to steal other player's items from item frames, armor stands, barrels, hoppers etc.
  • It is forbidden to kill, free or steal other player's animals or villagers.
  • It is forbidden to use game modifications that give you an unfair advantage. Allowed modifications are, among others, OptiFine and Minimap mods.

The rules were last updated on November 17, 2019. Any changes will be announced in the #rules channel of the Discord server of Paxterya.