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To ensure that everyone has a good time on Paxterya, there are some simple rules to follow on our server. All members of Paxterya are obliged to follow these guidelines, a violation might result in an exclusion from Paxterya.

Community Rules

  • Do not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated. Any kind of insult, discrimination or harassment is unwished.
  • Everyone is playing Minecraft to have a good time. To ensure a good time on Paxterya, be tolerant and understanding towards other players and respect their wishes.
  • Spamming is unwished.
  • Do not send links to websites with malicious or pornographic content.

In-game Rules


  • It is forbidden to attack, harm or kill other players against their will.
  • It is forbidden to alter or destroy another player's building(s) against their will. When in doubt if a deserted, unprotected site is still in use, ask a moderator or administrator before destroying it.
  • It is forbidden to steal items from chests. This counts for chests on mob farms etc, too; ask the farm's owner first.
  • It is forbidden to steal other player's items from item frames, armor stands, barrels, hoppers etc.
  • It is forbidden to kill, free or steal other player's animals or villagers.
  • It is forbidden to use game modifications that give you an unfair advantage. Allowed modifications are optimization, minimap, inventory management and schematic mods.
  • It is forbidden to exploit game bugs that give you an unfair advantage, such as item duping.
  • It is permitted to use tnt dupers.

Shopping District

  • A 16x16 plot can be purchased for the price of 1 diamond block from staff.
  • All proceeds from selling plots go towards a big diamond pile, which may be used for community events.

Public farms

  • Only XP, villager trading, iron, (cobble)stone, wool and manual farms can be made public.
  • You shall consult a member of staff before constructing a public farm.
  • You may construct a farm that is on the list from above and run it privately.

For more details on some of the rules, please check the blog post titled "Season 4 details".

The rules were last updated on 2020-09-26. Any changes will be announced in the #information channel of the Discord server of Paxterya.